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Accepting Yeshua (Jesus) is only part of God's purpose for you life. Discovering you talents and developing your calling is a very important part of who you are, Get Involved!!

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Zealous for Zion

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About nine months ago, I [Pat] started thinking about how we can use our video camera to go out into the community and talk with different people on their opinions about various bible related topics. Several weeks later, Robert mentions to me that we should go to the street faire to get peoples perspective on what they think about the bible. When we met to discuss our new website, back in July, Rabbi Liberman says during the meeting, "you know I have this crazy idea, I think we should go out during the street fair and video what the people think about various biblical topics." So we said OK!!

We are off on a new adventure!! Since we want people's opinion, we want to here from you. Let us know your thoughts about the various topics and please pray for this ministry.

Our current topics of discussion are -

What does being good or right mean to you?

Do you believe in God? Do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share the same god?

Let us know your opinion.

One State Solution

The Old Testament scriptures explain that the nation of Israel is the only nation created by God Himself for a specific purpose. God promised and then fulfilled the miracle birth of Isaac and his son Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. God nurtured this family, grew them into 12 tribes, and delivered them from slavery in Egypt and through the wilderness wanderings to the Promised Land for a very specific purpose. They are His chosen people. (

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Social Media

We want to hear from you!! Check out our Zealous for Zion video on what some people believe. Currently, we are discussing the following topics:

How does a person get to Heaven? Many people believe it is by being good. What does being good mean? How do we know?

Is the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims the same God? Is Abraham the link to these three religions?

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