Paul Liberman

Paul Liberman became a believer in the Messiah in 1971. He was instrumental in founding Messianic congregations in Washington, D.C., San Diego and co-led Beit Asaph in Israel, where he lived for nine years. He presently is the Messianic Rabbi of Ohav Shalom in Palm springs, California.


He has formerly been the President of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America and the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, The Messianic Times, The Joseph Project and the Alliance for Israel Advocacy. In Israel, he was elected to lead the Messianic Action Committee to overcome two Knesset Rabbinical legislative initiatives seeking to outlaw Messianic activities.

Paul is the author of The Fig Tree Blossoms (1976), which is a primer explaining the Messianic movement and vision. He co-authored, Don't Call me Christian, which is biographical and telling about the establishment of the modern day Messianic movement.