Street Evangelism

Each week, our Street Fair ministry evangelizes to Jews and Gentiles. Thousands of people walk the streets of Palm Springs each Thursday night. We pray with them, tell them about "The Greatest Rabbi" and hand out literature for free. Your contribution can help support and be part of this ministry. 

Supporting Israel

Despite what other people and nations believe, we stand with God and Israel's right to exist. Help support our ministry by showing your support.

Homeless Ministry

There are many homeless people throughout Palm Springs. Your donation or contribution will help reach these forgotten people. They need to hear that they are loved by God and the "Good News" of Yeshua. 

Supporting Israel

Israel is faced with a great burden. There borders are lined with refugees who are in need. A large amount of Israel's resources  go towards defense. The result is, many people  in Israel and Syria need help. Our ministry helps supply them with what they need. Help us, so we can help them.